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The meeting of the President of Idlib University, Dr. Ahmed Abu Hajar, with the heads of departments in colleges and institutes

In order to hear their suggestions, and work to raise the level of administrative coordination between them


The meeting of the President of Idlib University, Dr. “Ahmed Abu Hajar” with the heads of departments in the colleges and institutes affiliated with the university, in order to hear their proposals and work to raise the level of administrative coordination between them.


To raise the level of coordination in administrative work, the President of Idlib University and his deputy for administrative affairs meet with the heads of college departments. Dr. “Ahmed Abu Hajar” spoke about the importance of the human resources diploma conducted by the heads of departments, stressing that its benefit will appear in the coming days, as the administrative performance will improve significantly, He also announced an intention to disburse rewards to those who excelled in this diploma, and to raise additional work schedules, because the course days were on holidays.

The President of Idlib University listened to the requests of the heads of departments to complete a number of basic requirements such as computers, pledging to meet their needs within the next few days.

The president of the university commended their efforts in order to follow up the administrative work and work to keep the colleges fully prepared, which provides an appropriate environment for the students, as he urged them to persevere in work, because any failure on their part will negatively affect the students and the progress of the educational process at the university.

He discussed the subject of university housing and applications for registration in it, and the criteria by which applications for housing will be approved.

Dr. “Ahmed Abu Hajar” asked the heads of departments that the relationship between department heads, employees and students be fraternal, with the presence of administrative firmness to keep the educational complex moving in the right direction.

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