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Idlib University announces a tender (in sealed envelope) for the purchase of desktop wall fans


Idlib University announces a tender (in sealed envelope) to purchase 80/piece desktop wall fans and 60/piece desktop ceiling fans for the needs of Idlib University.

Those wishing to participate in the tender, with experience and expertise, should review the Contracts Department at the university’s presidency to submit their financial offers.


  • An initial insurance amount of $500/five hundred dollars is paid only to the university fund in the Directorate of Financial Affairs (Advance Department) as a guarantee in the event of non-compliance, and the bidder’s rights are liquidated at the end of the contract after securing the required.
  • Receiving offers begins at the Directorate of the General Court at the Presidency of the University, from its date until the end of official working hours on Monday 20/6/2022:
  • Bids will be opened at 10/10 am on Tuesday 21/6/2022.

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