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Idlib University announces a tender (in sealed envelope) to construct and equip residence rooms for doctors in Idlib University Hospital


Idlib University announces a tender (in sealed envelope) to construct and equip residence rooms for doctors in Idlib University Hospital:

مbusiness typeUnitQuantity
1Providing and implementing 350 kg/m3 reinforced concrete for ceilings and chandeliersm322
2Providing and installing a 20 cm block, half fullm2270
3350 kg/m3 caliber ratchet on three sidesm2700
4Providing and installing first-class ceramics for bathroom walls and floorsm240
5Providing and executing good quality acrylic paint on three sides with foundation, quilting and pastem2700
6Providing and installing 3 cm thick hard stone reparation for doors and windowsLinear meters95
7Providing and installing aluminum (1.2) for windows and doors, with galvanized crystal, thickness of 60 mm, brown colorm226
8Insulation works Bitumen rolls reinforced with polyester, thickness of 4 mm, with thermal asphalt foundation and 10 cm overlaym2200
9Providing and installing Zeinyi tiles number 4 with grouting, scouring and polishingm2400
10Provide and install 8 cm wide soleLinear meters250
11Crushing and moving workscut1
12Providing and installing light points (2.5 mm wire, Breeze Lena, and a 40-watt saving bulb)Point50
With partitions including necessary extensions within ceilings and walls
13Providing and installing a complete Indian Arabic toilet with mixer and hose with the necessary extensions for feeding and drainageNumber2
14Providing and installing a 45*58 medium porcelain washbasin complete with a mixer, a Chinese first type, a Chinese type first, with the necessary extensions for feeding and draining.Number2
15Providing and installing a good quality stainless steel sink with the necessary extensions for drainageNumber10
16Providing and installing p.v.c raindrops, 4 inch diameter, first type, with all that is neededLinear meters10
17Providing and installing a good type chiller hood for bathroomsNumber2

Those who wish to participate in the above-mentioned tender, with experience and expertise, should review the Contracts Department at the University Presidency to submit their financial offers.


  • An initial insurance amount of $500/five hundred dollars is paid only to the university fund in the Directorate of Financial Affairs (Advance Department) as a guarantee in the event of non-compliance, and the bidder’s rights are liquidated at the end of the contract after securing the required.
  • Receiving offers begins at the Directorate of the General Court at the Presidency of the University, from its date until the end of the official working day on Saturday, date: 06/25/2022.
  • Bids will be opened at 10 am on Sunday 26/6/2022.

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