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The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation Idlib at Idlib University announces the establishment of a training course entitled:

Excel Advanced -5-

Excel Advanced -5-

Training topics:

  • Excel Basics/Autofills.
  • Sorting, filtering, and conditional formatting of data / input restriction rules and drop-down lists.
  • Separating and joining texts in Excel / Charts and their types.
  • The concept and use of mathematical formulas.
  • Various summation, mean, and counting functions.
  • Popular Statistical Functions
  • Relative reference and absolute reference.
  • Simple and compound IF function.
  • Boolean functions and their combination with the IF . function
  • Advanced search and merging functions.
  • professional printing
  • Automatic evaluation and employee attendance schedule.
  • pivot table
  • Data protection and worksheets.
  • The multiplication function and the summation function of the product of two numbers together.
  • Basic rounding functions.

Information and details:

  • Number of training hours: 50 hours.
  • Scheduled training day: Sunday – Tuesday from 12 – 3
  • Training fee: 100 l. It includes the passing certificate / 50% discount for Idlib University students
  • Registration starts: from the date of the announcement until the completion of the number of 25 trainees only
  • Registration in person with the Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation in (Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Complex)
  • All trainees (males – females) are accepted from inside or outside Idlib University.
  • Administrators are accepted at Idlib University by virtue of a letter issued by the Directorate of Administrative Affairs at the University Presidency
  • For inquiries and contact: a. Amer Summaq / Whatsapp: 00352681120553
  • Coach: a. Ali Hajj Kebi

Note: Registration requests are accepted for those who own a laptop computer only.

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