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The University of Idlib announces a tender (as soon as possible) to carry out the necessary cladding and equipment works to equip a scientific laboratory.

(for the third time)

The University of Idlib announces a tender (as soon as possible) to implement the necessary cladding and equipping work to equip a scientific laboratory, within the building of the Faculty of Human Medicine; It is included in the general budget allocation for maintenance and equipment work for the fiscal year 2020-2021 AD, at a total cost of $2917.5) two thousand nine hundred and seventeen US dollars and only fifty cents, for the work to be completed within the specified estimated statement.

Those wishing to participate in the aforementioned tender, from companies and contractors with experience and specialization, must submit their bids during official working hours in the Directorate of the General Court at the Presidency of the University, provided that their bids are submitted within closed and sealed envelopes, with the name of the bidder, phone number and e-mail if possible. Submission starts from the date of the announcement until Tuesday 24/08/2021 AD.The initial deposit is an amount of (300$) only three hundred US dollars, provided that the amount shall be recovered to the bidder who is not nominated for contracting, as payment is made according to a receipt that is deducted from the financial office and attached with the bidder’s papers.
Offers shall be submitted within a sealed envelope containing:
Written request to participate in the tender.
A declaration that he has seen the book of technical, financial and legal conditions and the schedule of quantities and works required for the tender, and that he accepts all the terms and conditions contained in these documents.
The financial and technical offer with a table of individual and total prices for each item.
The attachments to the tender announcement include the following:
Tender technical, financial and legal conditions book.Estimated statement of works to be completed shows the type and quantity of estimated works with the individual and total price for each item.
Attachments are purchased from the Contracts Department within the financial department, where the party wishing to obtain the previous documents pays an amount and capacity (30 TL).
The contractor nominated to contract after the tender session is obligated; Implementation of all contract clauses and articles within a period of / 20 / days from the date of signing the directive order, and the minutes of receiving the work site.
Bids will be opened on Wednesday, 25/08/2021 AD at nine in the morning, by a committee formed later, and the applicants are obligated to attend in person at the specified time.

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