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The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with the Medical Institute at Idlib University, announces the establishment of a specialized professional diploma in intensive care

Registration starts from Monday 02/01/2021 until Monday 02/22/2021



The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with the Medical Institute at the University of Idlib, announces the establishment of

“Professional Diploma in Intensive Care”

1. Target group (males and females):

  • Nursing graduates.
  • Graduates of colleges of health sciences.
  • Graduates of medical and health institutes of all specializations.

2. Duration of training: 8 months (two semesters).

3. Training days: Thursday and Friday of every week.

4. Place of implementation of the program: Laboratories of the Medical Institute of Idlib University.

5. Program registration fee: $300.

6. Training topics and vocabulary

7. General provisions for training:

  • The maximum mark for each course is 100 marks, and the minimum score for passing in each course is at least 60 marks.
  • The mark for the practical part in the practical courses is 30 points, and the minimum score for passing is 12.
  • Attendance mark 10 marks for all sessions.
  • The student is obliged to attend at least 70% of the total sessions (theoretical and practical).
  • The student is considered a graduate and obtains the certificate after passing all the courses as a result of the exams of the second semester or the supplementary course.
  • During the supplementary course exam, the student pays a $10 repetition fee for each course.
  • The program will not open if at least 30 students are not registered.
  • The trainee pays the value of the training, which amounts to $300 in two phases, at the beginning of registration $150 and at the beginning of the second semester $150.
  • موعد التسجيل: يبدأ التسجيل اعتباراً من يوم الإثنين تاريخ 1/2/2021م وحتى يوم الإثنين تاريخ 22/2/2021م.
  • Documents required for registration:

1) A copy of the personal card or any official document proving the trainee’s identity.

2) A certified copy of the graduation document (bachelor, institute, diploma).

3) A financial receipt of $150 that the trainee receives from the Directorate of Qualification and Training at the University Presidency.

4) Four (4) personal photos.

5) Zipper Workbook.

مديرية التدريب والتأهيل

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