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Announcement No. 4 The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation announces the establishment of a training course entitled: First Aid

Target group: Idlib University students



Announcement No. / 4 /

The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation at Idlib University announces the launch of a #training_course

Title: “First Aid


Training Curriculum:
To familiarize the trainee with the following information and be able to implement the relevant techniques:

1.The stages of examining the injured (the logger: awareness check – breathing check – pulse check – examination of burns, wounds and fractures).
2. The correct behavior plan when dealing with an injured person.
3. Nervous system injuries (examination of consciousness and postures of unconsciousness).
4.Respiratory injuries (partial and total obstruction – respiratory arrest and artificial respiration).
5. Musculoskeletal system injuries (types of fractures, temporary splints and vertebral fractures).
6. Injuries to the circulatory system (wounds and their types, external and internal bleeding, amputations, methods of dressing, and handling of splinters).
7. Cardiac injuries and their first aid (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, CPR).
8. Burns, their types, how to pack them and how to treat them.
9. Dealing with suffocation due to toxic gases.
10. How to use the sphygmomanometer and sphygmomanometer.
11. Techniques of carrying, transporting and pulling the casualty with or without the bearing.
12. Training in giving the patient intramuscular and intravenous injections.
13. Food poisoning or through toxic substances such as diesel or medicines.. and his treatment.

Target group: Idlib University students

Training duration: 12 training hours divided into 3 sessions, each session 4 hours

Number of trainees per training: 20 trainees

Duration of work: Training will start next Thursday, 30/1/2020 at 9:00 am

Work place: The training will be in the laboratories of the Medical Institute at the University of Idlib

Training is free: Certificate fee / 2000 SYP / 2,000 SYP only.

To contact or inquire: Whatsapp / +380 95 652 4315/

مديرية التدريب والتأهيل
مديرية التدريب والتأهيل

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