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The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation announces the establishment of a training course entitled: Water projects and pumps

The objective of the project: Introducing the trained staff to the contents of water projects – a study of an integrated project

Target group for training:

  1. Engineering staff in all disciplines
  2. The staff working for local organizations and councils in the field of water projects

Duration of training: 50 training hours – divided into theoretical and practical sessions

Topics of the training course:

  1. The need and consumption of the quantities of water, and the determination of the quantities of extracted water
  2. Well drilling, processing and testing methods
  3. Determination of the submersible pump for wells (type, installation methods, common faults)
  4. Operating panels (specifications, contents, common faults)
  5. Horizontal pumps (types, calculations, conditions for correct starting of horizontal pumps)
  6. Requirements to complete the study of a horizontal pumping station
  7. Choosing the right pump motor
  8. Network pipes (types – technical specifications)
  9. Electrical cable (section, length)
  10. Valves used in networks
  11. Water hammer (definition – problems and solutions)
  12. The appropriate generator capacity for the pumping group
  13. The task of the supervisory committee
  14. Study of an integrated accounting project
  15. Study of an integrated realistic project

Coach: M. Ahmed Qatrun

Training implementation plan: Tuesday from 2-4 / Wednesday from 1-3

Required number: 25 trainees

Training start: 30/3/2021AD

Target group: Mechanical and civil engineering students

Diploma fees: 40 TL for Idlib University students – 100 TL for the rest of the applicants

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