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Announcement No. 5 The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation announces the establishment of a training course in nursing

Target group: Idlib University students



Announcement No. / 5 /

The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation at Idlib University announces the launch of a #training_course_in_nursing

Training Curriculum:
The trainee should be familiar with the following information and be able to perform the following techniques:

  1. Vital signs, pulse, breathing, temperature, pressure.
  2. Injections and their types (muscular – intravenous – catheter).
  3. Serum composition and types.
  4. How to use and measure diabetes device.
  5. Wound dressing and its types.
  6. Burn dressing and its types.
  7. Splints and fractures.
  8. Choking.
  9. Artificial respiration.
  10. First aid in cases of stroke and heart attack.
  11. Nebulization sessions.
  12. Toxic gas infection treatment.

Target group: Idlib University students

Training duration: 12 training hours divided into three sessions, each session 4 hours

Number of trainees per training: 20 trainees

Duration of work: Training will start in February 2020

Work location: The training will be in the laboratories of the Medical Institute at the University of Idlib

Training fees: 4000 SP / four thousand Syrian Pounds only. (include certificate)

Reserve your seat in the training by contacting the Program Manager via WhatsApp: +380956 524315

Submission starts: as of February 18, 2020

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