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Announcement No. 2 The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation announces the launch of a #specialized_training_course on the REVIT 2018 program

In the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering



Announcement No. / 2 /

The Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation at Idlib University announces the launch of a specialized training course on REVIT 2018

Main training topics:

  1. Learn how to download and install Revit 2018 and how to activate it.
  2. Explain the concept of the BIM system and the CAD system and the difference between them to understand the principle of the program’s work.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the program interfaces and their sections in detail and the mechanism of dealing with them to achieve the greatest possible benefit from Revit.
  4. Starting a new project and drawing the coordinate axes and defining the floors with modifications and properties for this matter.
  5. Learn how to draw all structural elements (columns of all kinds, shear walls, foundations and mats, tiles of all kinds, drawers) and the mechanisms for creating openings through them and modifying them in detail.
  6. Modify an existing family (item) and create a new family for my project.
  7. Importing panels from AutoCAD and the mechanism of benefiting from them.
  8. Modeling of a complete concrete structure from scratch, including most of the structural elements.
  9. Taking an idea of ​​the armament, the analytical model, and the output of the panels within the program.

Register exclusively by clicking on the form button below

Online registration form

Confirmation of registration in the Directorate of Rehabilitation and Training.
Training fee: / $15 /
Training location: College of Civil Engineering building
Training time: Thursday, at least 4 hours
Number of first level training hours: / 24 /

مديرية التدريب والتأهيل

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