General overview

The positive reasons for the opening of the university, and its stages of development:

 Based on the importance of science in building society and the generation, and out of concern for the interest of our country and what it suffers from the collapse of all institutions, on top of which is educational, and out of concern for the interest of our children who have disconnected from their universities and stopped keeping pace with educational attainment for four consecutive years as a result of the difficult circumstances of the destruction of infrastructure and displacement of the people  In addition to the difficult financial situation experienced by the general public, it was of the utmost importance to reopen these scientific institutions, with the aim of qualifying, educating and educating youth cadres, in order to save the Syrian society from ignorance and loss surrounding them from every side.

 From here, the University of IdlIb was reopened with its seven previous branches, and it was supplemented with new branches that meet the needs of the society in terms of medical colleges, engineering, and literary branches, bringing the number of colleges in IdlIb University to 12 colleges and 6 institutes. With diligent work to provide the best technical and laboratory conditions and methods of education in accordance with international standards, not forgetting the continuous teamwork to develop curricula and systems far from complexity and routine.

 The decision to open the University of IdlIb was issued by the Civil Administration of the city of IdlIb at the beginning of the academic year 2015-2016, after the liberation of IdlIb, and it was a glimmer of hope for our students who lost hope to continue their education.

 More than 4,500 male and female students were received during the 2015-2016 academic year, and the number of the teaching staff was 94 holders of doctorates and masters, and in 2016/2017 the number reached more than 6,500 students from various colleges and institutes, and the total number of the educational staff reached 113 campaigners  Doctorate and master’s degrees, and in this year 2017/2018, the number has reached more than 10,500 students, and the number of teaching staff is 155 who hold PhDs and masters.  The university could have received twice this number of students, but the weak financial condition of the Syrian people in general has affected the return of many students to the university, knowing that the registration fee for two semesters is $ 150 for literary and $ 200 for an academic year, and the amount is paid in two installments, and this amount covers about 50% of university costs.

University independence

The University of IdlIb became independent from any political or military administration on 7/8/2017, and it became a scientific public body, financially and administratively independent and enjoys an independent legal personality.

Thus, IdlIb University joined the Independent Higher Education Council, which was formed on 3/8/2017.

Problems and obstacles

  1. The university relies on self-support only, through the installments that students pay annually, knowing that students ’conditions are financially difficult and there are large numbers of students who cannot join the university because of these installments.
  2. The lack of sufficient scientific laboratories to complete the educational process in the necessary academic form.
  3. The inability to open new colleges desired by students and needed by the labor market, due to the inability to appoint the necessary cadres for this, due to the lack of financial support to cover their salaries.
  4. The migration of large numbers of academics abroad due to the lack of job opportunities for them, because the appointment of cadres is done at a minimum, to pressure expenses.

University needs

  • Financial support, laboratories and equipment.
  • International recognition of the certificate and twinning with other universities.

التصنيف العالمي لجامعة إدلب


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