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Discussion of the Master’s thesis in Mathematics, specializing in “Applied Mathematics”, which was prepared by the student “Musa Ahmed Al-Qadour”

بعنوان: طريقة إيجاد نقطة التحكم الوسطى في منحني بيزيه التربيعي/The Method for Finding Middle Control Point of Quadratic Bezier Curve

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Believing that science is its way, and to achieve the dreams of its students, and to complete its goal of graduating competencies and developing scientific research, Idlib University continues its scientific achievement, by opening the doors of postgraduate studies to its students.

The Master’s thesis in Mathematics specializing in “Applied Mathematics” was discussed, which was prepared by the student:

Musa Ahmed Al-Qadour

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 إيجاد نقطة التحكم الوسطى في منحني بيزيه التربيعي

The Method for Finding Middle Control Point of Quadratic Bezier Curve “

It is supervised by:

  • Dr.. Nouri Suleiman, Scientific Supervisor.
  • Prof. “Mohammed Deeb Haj Moussa” as co-supervisor.

Before the judging and discussion committee composed of:

1- Dr. “Mohammed Nidal Khatib” as Chairman.

2_ Dr. Nouri Suleiman, supervisor and member.

3_ Dr. Khaled Khalifa, as a member.

And that will be at 11.00 pm, eleven in the morning, on Monday, 07/20/2020, on the amphitheater of the College of Human Medicine.

After the discussion, the committee decided to grant a master’s degree in mathematics, specializing in “Applied Mathematics” to the student “Musa Ahmed Al-Qadour” with a grade of very good.

We wish all our students good luck and success

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