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Discussion of a master’s thesis in Sharia prepared by the student “Hassan Ubadah Hallaq”

Entitled: Land acquisition provisions and their applications in the liberated Syrian regions


#Faculty of Sharia and Law

Believing that science is its way, and to achieve the dreams of its students, and to complete its goal of graduating competencies and developing scientific research, Idlib University continues its scientific achievement, by opening the doors of postgraduate studies to its students.

The master’s thesis in Sharia, which was prepared by the student, was discussed:

Hasan Eibadat Halaq

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“Land Acquisition Provisions and Their Applications in the Liberated Syrian Regions”

This is before the Judgment and Discussion Committee, composed of:

  • Dr. “Bassam Sahyoni” as President.
  • Dr. Anas Ayrout, member and supervisor.
  • Dr . Ibrahim Shasho, a member.

And that will be at 12.00 p.m. on Monday, 08/06/2020 at the College of Human Medicine amphitheater.

After discussion, the committee decided to grant a master’s degree in Sharia, and the student obtained an average of 77.66%.

Well graded

We wish all our students good luck and success

الكليات والمعاهد
الكليات والمعاهد
الكليات والمعاهد


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