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Discussion of the doctoral thesis in the College of Sciences prepared by the student “Anas Abdel Hamid Sabbouh”

Entitled: Study of ideals and fuzzy and anti-fuzzy filters in BCI algebra and their properties

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Believing that science is its way, to achieve the dreams of its students, and to complete its goal of graduating competencies and developing scientific research:

Idlib University continues its scientific achievement, by opening the doors of postgraduate studies to its students. A doctoral thesis in mathematics, specializing in (Algebra), was discussed, which was prepared by:

StudentAnas Abdel Hamid Sabbouh

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دراسة المثاليات والمرشحات الضبابية والضبابية المضادة في جبر BCI وخواصها 

A study of fuzzy and anti fuzzy Ideal and Filters in BCI-Algebra and its properties

Supervised by:

  • Dr.. “Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sheikh

Before the judging and discussion committee composed of:

  • A.M.D. “Mohammed Dib Haj Musa” – President
  • Dr.. “Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sheikh” Member
  • Dr.. Nouri Suleiman, Member
  • Mr. Dr. “Mohammed Nidal Al-Khatib” Member
  • Dr.. Ahmed Sateef, member

This will be at ten o’clock on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

After discussion, the committee decided to grant a doctorate degree, and the student obtained a score of 94.4%.


We wish all our students good luck and success

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