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Resolution No. 409 forms the editorial board of the Idlib University Journal

Formation of the Editorial Board of Idlib University Journal for Scientific Research


Editorial Board and Advisory Board of Idlib University Journal


  • Journal Director: President of Idlib University.
  • Editorial Board Chairman: Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research.
  • Secretary of the Editorial Board (Director of the Journal’s Office): Eng. Momena Qarqjia
  • Editorial board members:
o Dr. Abdel Moneim Abdel Hafez

o Dr. Said Mando

o Dr. Majdi Al-Hasani

o Dr. Suleiman Al Asli

o Dr. Anas Ayrout

o Dr. Noureddine Ghafir

o Dr. Hassan Al Ahmad

o Dr. Mahmoud Turki Al-Daoud

o Dr. Hussein Omar

o Dr. Ahmed Al-Halabi

o Dr. Yasser Al-Kansh

o Dr. Hisham El Sayed

o Dr. Abbas Abbas

o Dr. Ahmed Koca

  • Advisory body:
o Dr. Mohamed Kuntar

o Dr. Muhammad Al-Sheikh

o Dr. Ziad Abboud

o Dr. Mustafa Talib

o Dr. Ahmed Kurdi

o Dr. jumeat aleumr

o Dr. Salloum Musa

o Dr. Suhaib Maznouk

o Dr. Bassam Sahyoni

o Dr. Muhammad Nidal Khatib

  • Linguistic supervision:
  • Head of the Arabic Department

Article 2: This decision shall be communicated to whoever is required to implement it and shall be considered effective from the date of its issuance

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