Vision and mission

The University of IdlIb seeks to be among the ranks of international universities scientifically, and to graduate qualified theoretically, practically and ethically, to contribute to building their society first and the world as a result, and it strives to be an integrated university in which all the required scientific and theoretical specializations are required, and it seeks to have its degrees recognized and accredited internationally.

General objectives of the university:

  1. Attracting students who have dropped out in order to continue their education after being dropped out from universities due to their inability to travel and move due to the difficult financial conditions for the students’ families and due to the political and security conditions.  As it graduated 520 students until the end of the first semester exams for the 2016/2017 academic year.
  2. Accommodating students with high school diplomas who could not enroll in any other university.
  3. Preparing graduates and cadres capable of leading and managing society according to contemporary scientific foundations.
  4. Preparing teachers for future generations who have been deprived of education for four years, and thus graduates of IdlIb University can contribute to eradicating illiteracy and ignorance and limiting the spread of sick and wrong ideas among members of society.
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